Daily Justin: June 24 (with birds…)

We took advantage of a brief break in the rain today to do a tour around the cemetery pond. The ducks came out to greet us, while a great egret (I think) kept an eye on us from a safe distance:


Justin was pretty interested in the ducks until they started to get close. The closer the ducks, the more uncomfortable Justin was with the whole thing:


Luckily for Justin, once it became apparent that we had no food, the ducks quickly lost interest… We saw a lot of birds today, including two new ones:

The first was all black, maybe a Western Reef Heron?


The second was mostly grey and white. A Black-Crowned Night Heron, I think:


If this second one is a Black-Crowned Night Heron, it may (or may not be) a second viewing of Emily’s mystery bird… or that might have been a Green Heron, or something else altogether.

The pond

Here’s a photo of the pond that we walk to quite frequently.

The pond

I’m sure it has a name, but I only know it as “the pond at the cemetery” – it’s really quite beautiful and positively teems with wildlife. There are many kinds of birds (ducks, geese, herons, kingfishers, hawks, and several we can’t identify with any kind of accuracy), and we’ve spotted a fisher cat and heard about a family of foxes, but what Justin and I really like to do is to keep tabs on the turtles:


We like to call them “Emily’s turtles” (hi Emily!) 🙂