First report card!

Justin got his first “report card” yesterday! He’s apparently at a swimming class level where they give written progress reports now (even though I’m still in the water with him and have a pretty good idea of what he’s doing…) Anyway, he got check marks for every category except a few (body postitions, arm patterns and leg patterns are all developing, and he doesn’t balance upright yet). The instructor’s comments are that “Justin has made great strides this session. He has almost figured out his balance in the water and is gaining independence.”

He’s staying in the same level for next session, but his friend Violet is moving up. I’m expecting a little sadness when we get to our next class – they love to play and swim together! But it shouldn’t be long for Justin to advance to the next level, too.

Yay Justin! (We celebrated the excellent report card with a box of animal crackers on the walk home.)

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